The Exhibition!

In the last weeks of term 3 and the first few weeks of term 4, we completed a project called “the exhibition”. In groups of 2,3 and 4, we researched and presenting information relating to our topic. My group were researching Medical technology and our central idea was “Medical Technology can contribute to peace and conflict in our world”.

Once we finished researching, we had an exhibition night where we showcased our information and what we’ve learnt.

From the exhibition process, I learnt about time management and commitment. I had to use time management when finishing the three lines of inquiry on time and commitment when making the interactive and action aspect of our presentation.

Overall, I really enjoyed the whole exhibition process and it has taught me a lot of life skills which I can use in later life. I now know a lot about the topic “medical technology” and how it can contribute to peace and conflict in our world.

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Smiles, Ashley😀

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  1. jaemil23 says:

    Hi Ash, your blog post about the exhibition is great! I loved that we all got the opportunity to choose a topic that we were interested in. The exhibition was such a fun experience. I loved all the research your group did and the interactive things you had at the presentation, it made me come to your booth about a thousand times, which was good.


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