Musical Instruments!

In music, we had the task to create a upcycled musical instrument with recycled materials. This relates to our central idea: The physical properties of materials affect how they are used. I chose to make a trintar (which is a mix of a guitar, triangle and trumpet). The materials I used were:

  • a piece of wood
  • painting hangers
  • double-sided tape
  •  foil tray
  •  fishing wire
  • nails
  • cookie cutters
  • a soft drink can
  • hose sprinkler attachment 

I have made my instrument by sticking 4 painting hooks onto a piece of wood and wrapping the fishing wire around it. I then stuck that onto a foil tray leaving a gap so that I can leave the plucker under the wood. After that, I stuck fishing wire onto the bottom of the foil tray and attached the hose and the cookie cutter. Finally, I made a hole in the tray and stuck the nail into it.   

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